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 EOI-pony for lease

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PostSubject: EOI-pony for lease   EOI-pony for lease EmptySun Mar 31, 2013 9:46 am

Forgive me, this is going to be very blunt.......

We are moving from SA to Queensland, and due to relocation costs and the cost of hendra vaccines, we are only taking two horses-therefore we need to find a lease home for our daughter's pony.

The pony is around 11hh (not measured officially), is dark brown with 4 socks, and some roaning through his body. He is a good lead line pony but I have not yet tested him off the lead (my darter is too young). He requires handling by an adult, only because he can be a little spooky and I don't really trust any horse with my 3 y.o. (An older kid may be ok). Looks to be early teens (looking a teeth) but that is a guess....he is not 'old'

He will come with a couple of bridles, a saddle and a canvas rug. He has cushings but it does not greatly affect him....he just has a very thick coat, and requires careful management of his weight (he is getting hard feed at the moment to keep his weight on). He also has a pot bellied appearance and loss of top line, but management of his diet in conjunction with a vet may change that.

Here is where I get blunt. We are looking for a good home for him, and looking for the criteria below;

-home must be in the Adelaide Hills, and only on a property owned by the lessee
- he must go to experienced horse people, and live with other horses
- I am happy for him to go as a companion pony
- lessee must sign a contract and be happy for me (or a designated friend) to drop in and see him when we come back to SA to ensure he is well cared for
- lessee must also keep in contact on a regular basis so that the pony does not 'disappear'
- he will not be leased to 'animal collectors' (you know, those people who want an animal just because it is free......but can't afford to provide vet care for the animals they have)

I am sorry this all sounds so demanding but I was hoping to place him with a friend or a friend of a friend, so I am very nervous about advertising him.

If you feel you could give this little fella a good home, please email me in the first instance at and let me know who you are, property details etc

Please do not be offended, I just want the best of homes for him...if it was up to me, we would be taking him with us! Thank you Smile
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Number of posts : 123
Registration date : 2009-01-09

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PostSubject: Re: EOI-pony for lease   EOI-pony for lease EmptySat May 25, 2013 8:02 pm

Pony has found a fantastic home!
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EOI-pony for lease
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