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 The Good Old Barter System.....

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The Good Old Barter System..... Empty
PostSubject: The Good Old Barter System.....   The Good Old Barter System..... EmptyTue Mar 09, 2010 12:26 am

If you have something you would like to Barter with - post it here!

NO money changes hands with stuff that you Barter with other forum members!

You may barter things like home grown veges, meat (if you are on a farm and have the local butcher kill for you), design, photography, clothing, saddlery, heck you can even barter your TV set!!!

Whatever you are offering for Barter though - you must be prepared to swap for something of similar value or something that you need - NOT CASH!

Anyone found to be asking for cash in exchange for something - which is called 'selling' guys! Smile, will have their bums kicked severely and suffer the wrath of admin and the mods!!

Any rules for your barters MUST be spelt out in your adverts!!!!

There is a loophole for the cash changing hands bit..... and this is it:

For example - say someone was to barter Website design for example - its unreasonable to expect the person providing the service of designing a website to pay for the web hosting - so they may say that the person receiving the barter pay for the webhosting - BUT ONLY the actual costs involved with setting up the hosting and web space...... not the WORK......

If you barter something for a vehicle - it is reasonable to expect the recipient of the vehicle/float/trailer to pay for the stamp duty, transfer fee and registration..... the person parting with it should not have to pay for these.

If you barter a horse/animal - then it is reasonable to expect the person receiving the animal to pay the transfer of ownership fees and registration fees if need be.......

The point is that NO MONEY changes hands for the actual item bartered between the people doing the barter - the only money spent goes to the place that the webhosting/registration/transfer takes place! Smile

If you have an item for sale - put it in the for sale section.... if you list it in the For Sale section but would be open to Bartering, then you can put it in BOTH - but ONLY put the Cash price in the FOR SALE section, and ONLY what you would like to barter it for in this section.

You can mention in the For Sale section that you are open to Barter - but leave it to the people to come here to see what you would barter it for..... and if you have listed it in the For Sale Section and in here, then say that you have advertised it for sale as well, but leave it to them to go see how much it is in the appropriate section.

Everyone got that??? Good! Smile

Now barter away people!!!


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The Good Old Barter System..... Empty
PostSubject: Re: The Good Old Barter System.....   The Good Old Barter System..... EmptyTue Mar 09, 2010 7:26 am

Oohh, i am awaiting eagerly to see if this takes off. It has lots of potential!
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The Good Old Barter System.....
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